Accepted Papers

    Leakage Resilient Additively Homomorphic IBE with Auxiliary Input
    Zhiwei Wang and Congcong Zhu
    School of Computer, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Nanjing,Jiangsu 210023, China
    Additively homomorphic encryption is a relaxed notion of homomorphic encryption, which enables us to compute linear functions over encrypted data. Additively homomorphic encryption is an efficient resolution tool for the problem of security with privacy in big data applications. Compared with additively homomorphic public-key based encryption (PKE), additively homomorphic identity-based encryption (IBE) may be a better choice, since it does not need to maintain publickey infrastructure (PKI) with heavy costs. In this paper, we design a leakage resilient additive homomorphic IBE scheme with auxiliary input to resist side-channel attacks for the end users. We prove that our scheme is auxiliary input chosen-plaintext attack (AI-CPA) secure, and implement our scheme on the Intel Edison Platform which is a resourceconstrained system. From theoretical analysis and experimental result, our scheme is very suitable for aggregating data submitted from the end users who are at the risk of leaking their secret keys.

    security with privacy; big data; additively homomorphic IBE; auxiliary input; CPA secure